2015 A-Z Challenge

This was the first year I attempted the A-Z Challenge. I didn’t know how well I would do at it but decided to give it a shot. And actually had fun. Enough that will continue to do it.

I decided to do different aspects of my writing. I also have no idea why there is not an entry for ‘V’. It would have been for ‘Villians’, as you can see. The point of view I write a lot from. I put it down to exiting the page too soon.

A – Avatars
B – Blogging
C – Concentration
D – Dialogue
E – Editing
F – Fanfic
G – Goals
H – How…
I – Ideas
J – Job
K – Kurtail
L – Life
M – Male
N – NaNo
O – Originals
P – Pants-ner
Q – Quotes
R – Research
S – Slash
T – Time
U – Unless
V – Villains
W – Why
X – Xcuses
Y – Yes
Z – Zed