The Blogging A – Z April Challenge and what I’m using it for.

So you remember how I mentioned my interest in D & D and was probably going to use it to work up a fantasy story.

Well, I think I’ve got another tool to use.

I came across The Blogging from A – Z April Challenge. You blog every day, excepting Sundays, about subjects that start with each sequential letter of the alphabet.

Some use a theme for the whole month and I was leaning toward doing that. But could not think of what theme I would be interested in that would cover all 26 letters.

And then today it hit me. Someone had done a theme in the past of fictional characters and I thought about using that. Then the idea formed to do elements of that fantasy idea.

Now, the fun part is I have no ideas about plot or world type or anything. Not beyond the anti-hero aspect I mentioned.  So these entries will be highly cliche and derivative of fantasies I’ve enjoyed (Dragonlance and Drizzt Do’Urden to name a couple).

It will be done in broad stokes and who knows how much Mary Sue. But it’s a start to getting ideas down and workable.

Fingers crossed.

Drabble: The Path.


The way was deceptively easy. I could feel it. Despite the old woman’s words, I was in no hurry to trod on the trail. But her twisted smile as she spoke to me had said it all. There was no choice. If I wanted to win the kingdom, I would have to make the journey. 

My hand on my sword, I walked the path. Each step a cautious one. Still the dart found it’s mark. My body fell to the side. The world darkened and I soon learned the reason for those twisted shapes, covered by the too green moss