A – Z Challenge: Day 2 – Blogging

So, this is not my first attempt at blogging. But it is by far my most successful.

It started like all the other times. I set up the blog, write a somewhat self deprecating first post, then a second. And in the past that would be it.

One part of the problem was the sharing aspect of a blog. When someone says to me, ‘Tell me about yourself’, I never know what to say and will ask for specific information desired.

Another part of the problem is my current status as an amateur (in the sports sense) writer. The bulk of my work is fanfic, often of an explicit nature. I am not ashamed of that fact, but it is not something that I can lay a full claim to.

What original work I have created is still in the WIP stage and so is not ready for public consumption. So when I started a blog in the past, I wasn’t entirely sure what to put on it.

But this time was different. I found the Weekend Coffee Share. That lead me to this challenge and the Villain Blogathon. I was giving myself content with which to share my likes and outlook.

In addition, I had started a drabble writing group on Facebook in an effort to get my friends to take up the pen. By sharing the drabbles, I had original works to show off.

And I wasn’t shirking the blog. I was not in the mood for a recent Weekend Coffee Share and was going to blow it off. But I did write one and it wasn’t a half-assed effort.

And people were finding me. I was getting likes, comments, and followers. I was finding blogs that interested me and following them.

For whatever reason, the blog was clicking this time. I found myself making plans on what and when I should post things. I could see this lasting past the first few efforts at posting.

I might have just jinxed everything by going on about my wee personal success. But I think I can see this being the start of a continuing thing.