Tea and Coffee #9


If we were meeting up, I would say sorry about missing you last week. I would offer you a Happy Easter if you are so inclined to celebrate it.

A-Z is going full swing and so glad I did all my posts last month cause I’ve been terrible about writing so far this month. Only worked on my Camp script on the first day. Need to get back in to it.

Life is proceeding. Still need to win the lottery but who doesn’t.

My best friend and I have decided we’re going to try for Comicon Saturday next month. With any luck I’ll get Chuck Wendig’s autograph on one of his writing books, as well as one of his fiction books.

There’s a cool breeze right now. Might get hot later bucks for now, it is a nice Spring day. A day to be outside at a cafe. To remember that you probably don’t have it so bad, all things considering.


2 thoughts on “Tea and Coffee #9

  1. I’ve been enjoying the A to Z posts I’ve gotten to read so far, but unfortunately they’ve been few! The writing and the new job have kept me really busy this week, but I’m looking forward to that calming down a bit!


    1. I figure eventually I’ll work out a system for reading blogs in something nearing a timely manner. Just not sure when

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