A – Z Challenge: Day 10 – Job

I continue to fight the idea that I need to consider my writing as a job that needs doing.

I had a measure of that when I was RPing. You had someone on the other end waiting for you to finish a post or to meet up for a writing session. There was scheduling involved, responsibility.

To think of solo writing in the terms is something I seem to avoid. Even with another person, it was largely done for pleasure and felt as such.

But it is a fact I need to accept. I need to work at writing daily. There needs to be a routine put in place.

I have started. There are two posts that are guaranteed to go out every week. My Weekend Coffee Share and the drabble from my Facebook prompt group.

It’s so easy to maintain the schedule during NaNo. You have your set number to reach every day, and your goal to hit at the end of the month. I’m aces during NaNo, then I drop it like the plague as soon as I hit the word count.

It is work that needs to be done.

It is a job.