A – Z Challenge: Day 13 – Male

I am one of those females who can write from a male view point very well. I have written female characters in the past, but by and large my writing is male dominated.

I’ve always had guy friends, even as early as preschool. And many times I’ve had more guy friends then girl friends.

I suppose you can say I never stopped being a tomboy, so maybe that helps.

I could not say exactly why I get guys better than women. But I know I am not alone. The vast majority of slashers are straight women. I have come across very few gay slashers.

Something in the wiring up there lets me talk guy talk. For the most part. There are aspects of them that have to be experienced. But over all I say I can do a rather well facsimile.

On some level I just find them more fun. Or maybe they can get away with more.

Their voices ring clearer for me in some way. I can relate.