Tea & Coffee # 15

coffee-teaSo yesterday was the first real sign that I saw that the monsoon is here. Here in the desert, monsoon is the one time we can expect to get rain. Not that it doesn’t rain during other parts of the year, but this is when we can look for it.

There was a feel of humidity in the air. A light sprinkle for some minutes. Then later in the day a faint sand storm.

Sometimes the rain lasts for minutes, sometimes for hours. But it’s usually hard and heavy when it does. Just an example.

What is even more fun, for me at least, is when a haboob comes thru. Haboobs are dust storms that blow through.

Here’s what they look like at ground level.

And how they look from the air.

Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get some footage of my own to show you.

Wednesday is start of Camp NaNo.

Slytherin Harry PotterSlytherin Ron WeasleyRavenclaw Hermione Granger

Did get to meet a childhood hero of mine. Coach Danny White, formerly the Head Coach of the Arizona Rattlers and led them to their first two Championships (the first Az professional team to win a Championship) and, where I first knew him from, former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. A team is often identified primarily with the quarterback and the coach and for me when I was little, the faces of the Cowboys were Danny White and Coach Tom Landry. I saw him at work, so I didn’t let on that I recognized him or do a geek out like might have elsewhere. But it was definitely cool.

Not much else happened really. Went to a ritual led by my Druid friends at the Irish Cultural Center, had a small part in it. Got to wear my sword so that’s always fun.

And of course, Gay Marriage is now officially just plain old Marriage. Whoo hoo!

Drabble – Guard


They paint it as a bad thing. Anger, aggression. And it can be, but like all things it’s a matter of degrees.

Some times it’s the one thing that gets you through a situation, through a life. Being in guard. Leaning less toward ‘hello’ and more to ‘what do you want?’

But you have to know yourself. Spent time by yourself, inside your head. Know your dark, your special brand of crazy.

Know who let pass the barriers. And if a wrong one slips through, how to kick them back out. Hard.

The key? It’s your tool, not your existence.

Tea & Coffee #14


It is Midsummer. Temps to be in the triple digits (only 95 now). And you look again at my hot chai latte. Yup, I’m weird.

Don’t have much time today, meant to but time went sideways somehow.

Camp NaNo is looming. Still deciding details. It’s a Harry Potter fanfic, bit AU. Should be interesting. Might be the first Camp I’ve won in quite the while.

For some reason, I put less emphasis on Camp than on regular NaNo. I guess it feels like more of a lark to me so not as much pressure.

In other news, have you heard of Library Thing? It’s an online site that lets you catalog your personal library. It’s a fun time and this week I saw this from them. Barcode labels. And my little geek-worked-in-the-school-library-unofficially-heart went pitter pat. Yeah, going to be picking some up.

Nothing much else. Could talk about Charleston, but what can you say? It was wrong and most likely will happen again.

But some things continue, in spite of us.


Drabble – Sign


I passed the sign every day. Sometimes it wouldn’t catch my eye. But at least once a week I would stop to read it.

Some days, I would snort and walk on. Other days I would find myself thinking about it during the day.

Then came the day that I walked by and realized the sign was gone. But for one shred of paper sticking out of the pushpin hole, it might never have been.

For weeks I didn’t realize how much the sign’s absence bothered me.

Not til the day I made my own copy and tacked it up.

Drabble – Him


I  see him, always off to one side. And you can be sure I’m the only one who notices him.

He doesn’t seem to have a preference. Light and dark hair. Men and women. He never leaves alone.

He waits for them to come up to him, never he to them. Just stands there, then you look back to see him walking out with someone.

If you ask them about him, they just smile, a mirror to the one he often wears.

Think I’m going to do the walking up tonight. See what that smile’s all about.

Wish me luck.

(Not my usual cause I resisted my obvious to make him a serial killer.)

Tea & Coffee, Lucky #13


I feel like I should make up a name to use for you. You know, like how Stephen King uses ‘Constant Reader’? Just not sure what it should be.

Camp-Participant-2015-Twitter-ProfileI decided what I’m going to do for Camp NaNo next month. And for once, I find myself thinking about it every day. I just might get this done. To be vague, it’s going to be a Harry Potter fanfic. Be the first time I’ve done a fanfic for Camp if I remember right. Should prove interesting, might even try to keep it het.

Oh, not sure if told you, but going to cosplay for the first time during Fan Fest in December. It’s put on by the same ones who put on our Comicon. It’s smaller and at a different location. Finally decided to try for the Ninth Doctor.

48b9e0225c6f362b40dd4bf410e394e6The jacket will be the trickiest part but we will see how it goes.

Oh, and speaking of Comicon, the attendance figures came in bit ago.

Comicon attendence 75,501Fingers crossed next year I’ll have more money and more time.

Well, have to cut our meeting short today, but will see you next week. Bye.