Tea & Coffee – #34


Hello, hello, hello.

How are you this fine, hotish day? Gonna be mid 80s again today, I believe. But it’s lovely right now.

I do have to tell you a cool story.

I might have told you about my monthly geek meet up. We usually met at a Starbucks but this time we went to a Denny’s (the same one where the kick-off to NaNoWriMo has been for past few years as matter of fact).

So the meeting went great, had already paid and had gone back to leave the tip. Walking back up to the front, I passed a large family at two tables pushed together. The head of the family called out to me, saying “Miss. Miss.”

Now, for some years now, I have had what I call the ‘pall of customer service’ upon me. By which I mean that I have been in any number of stores and have had people ask me questions cause they think I work there. So when I heard him, I thought that was the case.

But when I turned to him, he asked me about my jacket and the design on the front of it.


If you are not a baseball fan, that is one of the old logos for the Arizona Diamondbacks, for the year we won the World Series. We are the only team to have won a World Series title in only our fourth year of being in the MLB. As you can see, it was during the 2001 season, against the New York Yankees. The series went a full seven games, with the final win here in Arizona.

I worked in the distribution center for our team stores, sending out official merchandise for the Diamondbacks as well as the Phoenix Suns of the NBA, the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA, the Phoenix Coyotes of the NHL, and the Arizona Rattlers of the Arena Football League.

As it turns out, the customer at the Denny’s had been a program seller that season and so had a reason to inquire about my jacket.

Have to say, that was the best gig I ever had. Definitely good times.

Work has given me a new idea for a tat. You can hear the story here.

I did my theme reveal earlier this week for A-Z Challenge. “My Geek Loves.” And lucky thing I scheduled it, cause totally forgot on the day and only remembered when someone liked the post.

Going to see Batman vs Superman with me best mate this week. Rather polarizing movie judging by the fan reviews read. But seems Ben Affleck gave a solid performance so should be interesting. Wonder if DC will be able to get their cinematic universe going off of this.

And a little thing. A shout out to John Rogers (@jonrog1, http://www.kfmonkey.blogspot.com), formerly of the show Leverage, The Librarian movies from TNT and, til this last week, The Librarians show. He decided to no longer be the showrunner for Librarians and is now one of us watching the eps and shouting at the screen.

Do yourself a favor, find the Leverage DVDs and listen to the commentaries. John’s on all of them. And his behind-the-scenes info on Librarians eps on his blog is a delight as well. Welcome to the peanut gallery, my good sir!

Musical interlude:
This would have been on the first day of Spring post if I had done it. But still good, I say. See ya next time.

Fiction helping with Real Life

So I was having a stressed situation at work, over the course of a few days. Something that could have turned major and been not good.

I wasn’t thinking of the situation, not consciously at least, just going about my work when I heard a sentence in my head.

Fear is the mind-killer.

If you are a sci-fi reader, then you recognize that line. If not, an explanation.

Dune by Frank Herbert. Published in 1965 and one of the great novels of the genre.

Within the universe Herbert created, there is a religious sisterhood known as The Bene Gesserit. One of the things taught to the sisters is the Litany against Fear. Its purpose is to bring focus to the mind.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Now, you must understand. The last time I could’ve given any thought to the litany would have been last year when the Game of Thrones cast was on the Conan O’Brian show during San Diego Comicon. I heard of a video clip where Natalie Dormer mentioned she had a Dune tattoo. I most likely googled to see what it was, then forgot about it.

Til last week.

When I looked up the full litany and memorized it. When the stress was again a focus and I found myself reciting it like a mental mantra. And it did the trick. I calmed the fuck down and set about the task at hand.

The stress has lessened and may indeed have passed. I have made an adjustment to my procedure and it is working to my benefit.

Remember when I said I was thinking of what other tattoo to get, so I can get that period added to my previous one? I may very have found it, in that line.

I’m one of those people who will get too wound up about a situation and end up unable to pick a plan of action. To have something that can get me on track is rather nice.

I have sought inspiration in fiction before. But for it to come unbidden like that is something special. Makes me listen harder. Especially when it’s a piece that fits into a lot of personal puzzles.

Official Dune Site.

Flash Fiction Challenge

My first attempt at Chuck Wendig’s weekly challenge. A story in five sentences.

The killer walked into the room and looked at all his options.

Someone would die tonight, and every person there knew it.

Bribes and pleas were shouted at him as the minute hand made it’s sweep.

They saw in his eyes when the decision was made and fell silent.

His laughter rang in their ears, til it was drowned out by the explosion.

Tea & Coffee – #33

Well, hello there.

First, a moment for the loss of Sir George Martin, producer for The Beatles. Great work that will live on.

I find myself have an issue doing fanfic. I am staying too literal to the canon and thusly am having trouble making the necessary changes to give my take. And given that I am primarily a slasher, it is problematic to say the least.

I have decided on my A-Z Challenge topic, so that’s something. As per last year, gonna get creative with some of the letters.

Work goes as it goes.

I need to think of another tattoo so I can have them put in the missing period on the fandom verse tat I got. Remember, I showed you the picture a couple, few weeks ago? Doesn’t make sense to have the guy burn supplies for just a dot. Wavering between a Slytherin one to one for Arizona to bookend my Texas one. A couple others are in contention.

Not much else. Oh, finally got some pencils to do my Harry Potter coloring book, so that should fun.

And now, for Sir George:

From the last album he produced, of Beatles cover songs.