“I have Issues.”


But not as many as I’d like. They’re a bit scattered so can’t give you a number, but have like two of those boxes and one or two half that size, in addition to the scattered ones. And bunch on my Nook.

Mostly from early to mid 90s

Marvel and DC of course.

There’s also a good number from a house that used to be here in town, Chaos Comics.

Loads of Sandman. And even got one signed by Stan Lee, which can’t find so can’t prove but trust me.

I went away from for a bit. Then a buddy where I used to work sparked my interest in them again. Him and the comic book movies that have been coming out.

They’re a simple media that can convey complex ideas. As well as exciting storylines.

And there are more than just superhero comics out there. Much more.

Take a look and see if your library has some. And don’t be afraid to go to the teen section to look. It’ll be worth the gander.