AWC Keyword Festival: Day 5 – Loneliness

If you have to ask yourself if you know loneliness, is that a good sign or a delusional one?

Do I really not have those moments of longing? Or do I just not recall them? I mean, I’m sure I’ve had them in my younger days. But as of late…

Am I shallow if the internet and video games can occupy me, or emotional stable that I don’t require another’s presence to be at peace?

I’m smiling to myself as I ponder this. And wonder if it makes a difference which is true.

I suppose it does. Reasons and meanings behind things and all that. Self-awareness, you know.

But if I had to answer, I don’t think I do. Not really anymore.

Going alone to the movies or out to eat by myself was never given a second thought. That much as been a constant.

Do I not get lonely because I really don’t need the company? Or did those in my past who were unreliable make this a preferable way?

And is it worth it trying to suss out the correct answer?

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