We meet over a quick cuppa before work this time. I had to catch up on some sleep this weekend. I was called on to work an earlier shift on Monday and had to be there before 6:30. Considering my usual time to leave for work is 6:45, yeah it was fun. Oh, I could […]

Intro to 44

I am me To be taken or left as you find me. I shall have no regrets, either way. Today is my birthday on a loverly cloudy with light sprinkling day in the Valley.  So feel free to order that pastry to help me celebrate.  I try not to ruminate too much on these days. […]

Weekend Coffee Share – 15/1/17

…I need a Sherlock tattoo. Just saw the season finale. Wow. I need that script to pore over and live over it again and again. Will be seeing it in the theatre. Yeah, cut my hair today, is why took you a bit to see me. Little too short on one side but good enough. […]

Weekend Coffee Share – 8/1/17

Hello again. How has today found you? Well within parameters, I hope. As you see, it’s a bit cloudy today. But not rain clouds. We have made it past the first week of the new year. But the last one has left it’s mark.  I had the TV volume turned all the way, with the […]