NaNo novel as a journal, and a blog.

So I’ve decided to not only do my NaNo this year as a journal, but to put it on its own blog as well.
Revenge of a Deadman: The Journal of Thomas Carr.

It will be quite the experiment for me, both in the style and in putting such a rough draft out there for public consumption. It does harken back to my RPing days on Livejournal, but with a bit less care taken.

It is also the most planning I have done on a NaNo. The need to pare down the original into something that fits the genre is daunting. I plan on reading the novel on the Wednesday preceding the start of NaNoWriMo to get a whole sense of it before beginning.

I need to flesh out the cast, in the literal case of choosing the actors and in translating them from the original.

But hey, bit over a week and half. Easy as cake, right?

Tea & Coffee #17


… I would say nice to see you after a bit.

Not too much has happened. Went and saw Magic Mike for the second time with a friend of mine. Then we went over to another friend’s house and had an Outlander marathon, joined by MBM. It was basically a perv day and we decided we need to have more of them.

Taking a break from writing for a moment and doing some reading. Haven’t done that since I got thru the Harry Potter series late winter of this year.

Been reading The Killer Angels (again) by Michael Shaara and it’s prequel, Gods and Generals, by his son Jeff. More than likely going to read the rest of Jeff’s novels at some point. Very good.

But what got me on this reading jaunt is Zer0es by Chuck Wendig. You’ve heard me go on about him before, and this so didn’t disappoint. I’m thinking of starting a book journal and doing up review for here. Just hard to not give too much of the plot away, but still enough to interest others.

Did get another cool book, How to Be a Superhero by Mark Edlitz. Has a number of interview with actors who have played superheroes, sidekicks, villians, and anti-heroes. As you can see by the pictures, it’s an impressive list. And more in sidebar interviews in the back.




Other than that, like I said, not too much. Just motoring along.