Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

As I enjoy a tall libation on a lovely day, I believe I have discovered my drunk song.

Oh, I am not quite drunk yet. Just that nice loopy stage, where your head seems a little bit heavy for your neck and your body nicely at rest.

But in any case, as I sat here, the thought came as to what song would I want to hear. And mayhap it was because I had heard it in the last day or so, but the answer came back as ‘Wish You Were Here’, by Pink Floyd.

Wordsmith that I am, I do enjoy the mental pictures that the lyrics put forth. But I had an ancestor who was a musican, and from him as well I have gained a love for how things sound. And the opening part does something for me.

I have spoken before of loving the ambiance of things, of not so much the items or sounds themselves, but the chain of thoughts they start up in your mind. The total picture of a specific event or time and place.

The sound of opening chords, someone coughing in the background, the slide of the fingers along the strings. All put you in the room with the band as they record the song.

I have to stop and drink in the sounds when I hear them. And granted, that happens on many a Floyd song. But just something about this one… I just don’t know.

I can’t explain why it does it to me, but damn I’m glad it does.

Give it a listen, then go listen to that song that does it for you.

Tea & Coffee – #27


I would say hello to you on the first sunny, warm day we have after about a week or so of rain and clouds. Actually didn’t wear my jacket on the way in. Still brought it with me, cause this is the Valley and you never know how the weather will go.

Well, this week was the first anniversary of Desert Words. Dance along.

Not too much else has happened this week. Have noticed myself enjoying some simple pleasures more as of late. Hope that continues.

My thoughts are already on what I’m going to do for the A-Z challenge and for Camp NaNo. Got topics for over half of the letters so far and wondering if should do rewrite of past efforts or new one for Camp.

Sorry if I keep staring out the window. Just such a nice day, had forgotten what blue skies looked like. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me some rainy day and don’t mind getting wet. But just something about today outside keeps grabbing me. Simple pleasure, ya know. here’s a picture I took on the way in.


So last year I tried to do this thing some Lokiens do of writing something for Loki for each day in July. I got three days in last time and thinking of giving it another go this year.

Okay, sorry for spacing out again. This is getting ridiculous. I’ll just leave you with some of the music I’ve got playing on my player as recompense.

They say the first year’s the hardest.

Today is the first anniversary of this blog.

I honestly wasn’t sure I would make it this long. I never had before, usually only a month or two.

A lion’s share of why I did this time goes to Diana of Part-Time Monster. If not for her #WeekendCoffeeShare, I would not have a date once a week to try and keep. I would not have learned of the A-Z Challenge (already planning this year’s effort).

And I certainly would not have the traffic that I have been lucky enough to receive and to gain the followers I have. So thanks most heartily, Diana!

And to those followers, many thanks as well. Thank you for stopping by and deciding to stay a bit. Hope I continue making it worth the trip.

Another year starts. Here’s to it being a fun one.


Tea & Coffee #21

Ugh, been sliding on my NaNo.

‘Second verse, same as the first.’
(Five points if you know the song)

But it goes. Going to a write-in this week if it happens.

But I started up my drabbles again, so that’s something.

I don’t know, this week was kinda meh. Got stung by a bee for the first time ever. And found myself noting the spread of the venom just in case can use it in something.

And it’s starting to get cold for us. High one day was 67, then 70 the next. Though this weekend is supposed to be near 80 before going back down. Lows in 50s and 40s.

I’ve been wondering if I should pay for the blog upgrade next year. Seems like it might play merry hell with the links though.

Think I’ll leave you with some music today. Couple of cover tunes from actors from fave shows.

The first is Jensen Ackles, from Supernatural. Then George Blagden from Vikings.

Find out who else is sharing coffee.