AWC Keyword Festival: Day 3 – Tomorrow

Tomorrow keeps its own time and has no cares for you.

You can fret and worry after it, but it pays you no mind.

Tomorrow is never fully yours, it’s just the hope, the fear, the ambition of whatever you’re carrying today.

Tomorrow smiles and shakes its head when it sees you running after. Then it stretches like a cat and falls asleep in the sun’s rays.

It lives rent free in your head, or it doesn’t. Either way works for it.

Tomorrow never slips from your fingers.

You never had a hold on it to begin with.

AWC Keyword Festival: Day 2 – Change

A change to my outlook came because of the 7, through their music but not of their music.

A land of a city, a food, a moment in history.

The small box in my head that belonged to “South Korea”. All in black and white and flat.

Then I was shown color and movement.

Glimpses of history and culture, honored but brought into a present context.

Pan into Gyeongbokgung Palace, with few seconds of BTS 'IDOL'.

The city of only a name, given a face.

Like any modern city, it’s a weekend dream.

And a weekday reality.

A place where three generations of a family (scheduled around vacations and late work days) react to the videos of their youngest member’s oppas, who sometimes visit her in her dreams.

Where a MV Director, Assistant Director, and Editor don’t let their knowledge of the biz get in the way of enjoying themselves.

I’ve liked music from groups outside the U.S. But they didn’t make me take baby steps with food from their countries, or neighboring ones. They didn’t make me want to learn their languages, their alphabets.

I could not have given you a reason how or why a change like this happened to me.

Cause it took 7 reasons. All wanting and happy to show you their homeland. To invite you to


AWC Keyword Festival: Day 1 – Youth

They look at the 7 and see only Youth.

See only the years they’ve lived, not the path traveled.

They smile to themselves, thinking, “We need not worry.

They are young and will not be here long. We know the way of things.”

They see not their Minds, their Hearts, their Spirits.

They see only 7 Youths.

But stay blind to one fact.

They were only 7 once upon a time.

But have so many more now.