CRInktober 2018 Day 8: Home

Home can be a place that might not seem real to some.
But it is all too real nonetheless.
It is a place where you know the people.
Places that you remember where you met that friend and this friend,.
Where so many “Remember that one time when…” moments happened.
And yes, where you lost that someone.
But there were others who could help you shoulder the pain.
A refuge from the craziness of life.
The deep breath needed.
The smile that gets you thru.
The place where you belong.

CRInktober 2018 Day 7: Battle

‘Tis always been a bit of a battle
The world and them within it.
But a polite one, civil-like.

Battle to gain
Battle to obtain
Battle to live
Consequences you can live with
(After a fashion)
Lessons & memories to keep to you

Some would say ’twas a battle against
The one who made the world.
Others, mayhap, tell of you that was and
you that is now.

CRInktober 2018 Day 6: Family

A conversation led to a dream rekindled
Small bands came together for an adventure
One and done.

But something happened, unknown at first.
A second meeting.
The adventure grew.
The world grew.
And the band became one party.
The acquaintances became friends.
Became a family.

Than another chance conversation.
And the family is shared with strangers.
Strangers who become friends.
Who became the family extended.

Sharing the dream grown into reality.
Sharing the joys and pain.
Sharing bits of themselves.

And spreading the dream born one night.

CRInktober Day 5: Life

“Life has a cycle.
Life is a cycle.
It goes this way and that.
It starts, goes on, and ends.
And the end is just as much a part of life as the beginning.
Growth is life.
Decay is life.
Love is life.
Anger is life.
Life is so much more than you let it be sometimes.
It encompasses so much.
And the best we can do
Is to let it happen.
And act accordingly.”

CRInktober 2018 Day 3: (a) Favorite NPC

She sits in her palace by the sea
Missing her precious jewel.
The outside world holds so much to fear,
And her heart is out in it.
But there’s whispers that come in the night.
A voice that fills her with joy.
And the knowledge of the friends that watch over her jewel.
So she keeps the company that floods to her.
And the hope for the some day,
When a proud heart relents
And her daughter comes home.
Til then she holds her court
And her tears
With a smile and a song.

CRInktober 2018 Day 1: Favorite Campaign 1 Character

He walks as in dusk.
His only light
the other half of himself.
Reluctant to be here
But no other where to be.
Then came another tether to the light
One that gave him reason to dream.
But he kept the dusk around him.
Til his first light was fading
And a deal struck with the Night.
A Night without feeling or regard
Swift to claim Her prize.
Now in the full dark he walks.
Save for a brief moment,
When his Lights shone on him again.

There and Never, Ever Back Again: Diary of a Dark Lord. (book review)

front cover of "There and Never, Ever Back Again: Diary of a Dark Lord"

There and Never, Ever Back Again: Diary of a Dark Lord
Jeff Machs

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: FastPencil Publishing (June 18, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1499905807
ISBN-13: 978-1499905809


You know the players.
• A White Wizard, wise and caring.
• A Dark Lord, power mad and self-absorbed.
• A Chosen One, the only hope.

But what if the Wizard is making it up as he goes along? And cares for himself most of all?

The Lord is only interested in having one kingdom; and has some regard for the troops that will fight to protect that kingdom?

And the Chosen is not the Only, merely the Latest?

Welcome to Jeff Mach’s debut novel, There and Never, Ever Back Again: Diary of a Dark Lord. An old tale spun a new way.

With a looming invasion by the forces of Good, the Dark Lord fills the Chosen One in on the perpetual sarcasm of Elves, that Orcs are not so much ugly as asymmetrical, and that, perhaps, not all who dwell in the Darkness are there of their own volition.

There are no illusions of being a misunderstood ‘Hero’. The Dark Lord has worked and bled to claim that title of ‘Villain’. For the world needs villains, even if most won’t realize it.

Intercut are entries from the Chosen One’s own diary, who is learning there is much grey between Good and Evil. And how little a person is worth compared to the symbol others make of them.

If you like your fantasy neat and tidy, then I wish you a good day. But if you want to think a bit, see the view from the other side of the fence, and just maybe find the words you’ve been wishing someone would say…

May I invite you to help us steal the Sun?