Silent Reading Night

‚ÄčLast night I went to a Silent Reading event, my first. And happily me best mate was able to attend as well. It was at a local coffee place downtown, one whose facade I had admired from afar but had never entered. The Grand Central Coffee Company. The venue was quite lovely as the stock […]


I decided to do some exploring today. Since today used to be Columbus Day here in the Valley, and yesterday was Leif Erickson Day. There is a strip of street downtown called Roosevelt Row. Kinda a trendy, artsty neighborhood. I had heard mention of it a couple of years ago but had never looked for […]

“Must you use those big words?”

I’ve always liked words. The way they’re used. The way they sound. Especially in particular instances due to accent or inflection. In song, speech, or written. I’m not too far gone, just enough to be dangerous and slightly obnoxious to hear some people. I’ve even confused someone, who thought I wasn’t drunk cause I was […]