AWC Keyword Festival: Day 5 – Loneliness

If you have to ask yourself if you know loneliness, is that a good sign or a delusional one?

Do I really not have those moments of longing? Or do I just not recall them? I mean, I’m sure I’ve had them in my younger days. But as of late…

Am I shallow if the internet and video games can occupy me, or emotional stable that I don’t require another’s presence to be at peace?

I’m smiling to myself as I ponder this. And wonder if it makes a difference which is true.

I suppose it does. Reasons and meanings behind things and all that. Self-awareness, you know.

But if I had to answer, I don’t think I do. Not really anymore.

Going alone to the movies or out to eat by myself was never given a second thought. That much as been a constant.

Do I not get lonely because I really don’t need the company? Or did those in my past who were unreliable make this a preferable way?

And is it worth it trying to suss out the correct answer?

AWC Keyword Festival: Day 4 – Dream

Dreams are a funny thing for me.

Whether it is based on actual data or has become personal folklore, my mind tells me that if I place too much hope on something coming true, it won’t. That a dream I’m dead sure will come to pass, shant.

The subconscious ones are no less in my control. Oh, I might know what inspired an appearance or a prop to appear. But my brain makes it’s own tracks and keeps the controls away from me.

my dreams are abstractions to me. I don’t follow the likely ones too close, well, perhaps better to say with no real seriousness.

The ones I live are the ones that will never happen. Whole conversations with people I will never meet. Ideas for dwellings in just the perfect place. The ones where the stars align just so.

Dreams are fickle things that I am still learning to dance with. They help the work day pass. They are snacks, not a full meal.

And I wonder if they should be more. Or that’s all I can manage.

AWC Keyword Festival: Day 3 – Tomorrow

Tomorrow keeps its own time and has no cares for you.

You can fret and worry after it, but it pays you no mind.

Tomorrow is never fully yours, it’s just the hope, the fear, the ambition of whatever you’re carrying today.

Tomorrow smiles and shakes its head when it sees you running after. Then it stretches like a cat and falls asleep in the sun’s rays.

It lives rent free in your head, or it doesn’t. Either way works for it.

Tomorrow never slips from your fingers.

You never had a hold on it to begin with.

AWC Keyword Festival: Day 2 – Change

A change to my outlook came because of the 7, through their music but not of their music.

A land of a city, a food, a moment in history.

The small box in my head that belonged to “South Korea”. All in black and white and flat.

Then I was shown color and movement.

Glimpses of history and culture, honored but brought into a present context.

Pan into Gyeongbokgung Palace, with few seconds of BTS 'IDOL'.

The city of only a name, given a face.

Like any modern city, it’s a weekend dream.

And a weekday reality.

A place where three generations of a family (scheduled around vacations and late work days) react to the videos of their youngest member’s oppas, who sometimes visit her in her dreams.

Where a MV Director, Assistant Director, and Editor don’t let their knowledge of the biz get in the way of enjoying themselves.

I’ve liked music from groups outside the U.S. But they didn’t make me take baby steps with food from their countries, or neighboring ones. They didn’t make me want to learn their languages, their alphabets.

I could not have given you a reason how or why a change like this happened to me.

Cause it took 7 reasons. All wanting and happy to show you their homeland. To invite you to


AWC Keyword Festival: Day 1 – Youth

They look at the 7 and see only Youth.

See only the years they’ve lived, not the path traveled.

They smile to themselves, thinking, “We need not worry.

They are young and will not be here long. We know the way of things.”

They see not their Minds, their Hearts, their Spirits.

They see only 7 Youths.

But stay blind to one fact.

They were only 7 once upon a time.

But have so many more now.

When the days run together, any day could be your birthday.

Or none of them.

I know those who pick a day every other moon phase to celebrate.

I don’t pick a day. Every now and then I feel older and I count that as enough of an acknowledgement and move on.

The ones who celebrate call me cheerless. That I am caught in the drudgery and should make the most of life.

I tell them that life is making the most of me and I can’t be bothered.

I don’t mind their celebrations. You’d think they’d return the favor.

But no. They have to ‘share’.

Only reason I learned their days is to avoid being around them. I just pick one of the days and ignore the rest. Only so many times you can have cake you don’t like anyway.

No one likes the reason why we’re this way now. But some of us were already half there.

I would never have wished for it to have started like it did. But I do enjoy the perks.

It will change back, some day. Won’t be the same as before, but people will do their damnedest to try and make it be.

And I’ll have the memories of the empty times to keep me going.

D&December 2019: Wizard’s Tower

For the Wizard’s Tower called them all.
Of the ones who came before, no mind was paid.
For each would prevail where others had fallen.
Each to make a legend.

And legend did they reach.
Bound to protect that which they sought to claim.
Avarice given purpose
And a single thought burns.

“What is not mine, shall never be yours.”

D&December 2019: Into the Dark

Into the Dark you go.
Down below, so very cold.
Shadows that hug and hide a death.
Sounds too loud and circling.
Yes, into the Dark you go.
For treasures untold.
But are all dangers known?
And will you be seen
Once again in the Sun?

D&December 2019: Level 20

The smile was now theirs, as they had proved to the world their worth.
Their names were legend. Their deeds sung.
Coin they had, but did not need.
Always those who paid for the priviledge of their company.
The journey back to their home, so small and quiet now.
And the friendship held, grown even deeper.
Always would they be bonded.
Always together to remember the one lost.

D&December 2019: Magic Casters

All, and yet nothing.
The will must be there.
The learning, the time spent.
The desire to KNOW THIS. DO THIS.
To know what others know, yet make it your own.
The thrill of creation, of a new spell to bear your name.
To continue beyond the now, beyond this life. To be remembered.