Tea & Coffee #2


If you were having coffee and I was having tea…

Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve gotten together. Reality as usual is no friend of mine. Though I was busy with something productive,  so there’s that.

I’ve been wanting to get into D&D lately. I feel the urge every now and again but the universe put a few more hints about it in my face. We shall see.

The light of my week was stopping at the blade store at the mall. There was a copy of Strider’s sword and Aragorn’s reforged sword (I know, I should know their names). But what made me catch my breath was the copy of The Kurgan’s sword from Highlander.  Another reason to win the lottery.

Did another chapter of my slash fic. I really need to be more consistent with it.

The bumps in the road are smaller this week, always good. Still just need to win the lottery, though.

The Super Bowl was good, though Seattle should have won. Not that I’m a fan of theirs, I go Dallas, but I always root for the NFC.

What darkness lies in the soul
With ne’er a candle to hold
Yet a smile shines out bright
Mirrored by the sharpened knife.

Yeah, I guess I should warn you I can get like that.  No worries, though. Trust me.

See who else is having coffee.