A – Z Blogging Theme Reveal


So I know I already said what my theme was, but this is for the official record.

I will be writing about my writing. Different aspects and dealing with it.

For my first time, the posts will be more jotting down thoughts than essays.

This should be an interesting experiment. There maybe the odd curse word, just so you know.

As a preview, here are the words:
Avatars, Blogging, Concentration, Dialogue, Editing, Fanfic, Goals, How…, Ideas, Job, Kurtail, Life, Male, NaNo, Originals, Pants-ner, Quotes, Research, Slash, Time, Unless, Villains, Why, Xcuses, Yes, Zed.

Come see what other themes are planned.

The Blogging A – Z April Challenge and what I’m using it for.

So you remember how I mentioned my interest in D & D and was probably going to use it to work up a fantasy story.

Well, I think I’ve got another tool to use.

I came across The Blogging from A – Z April Challenge. You blog every day, excepting Sundays, about subjects that start with each sequential letter of the alphabet.

Some use a theme for the whole month and I was leaning toward doing that. But could not think of what theme I would be interested in that would cover all 26 letters.

And then today it hit me. Someone had done a theme in the past of fictional characters and I thought about using that. Then the idea formed to do elements of that fantasy idea.

Now, the fun part is I have no ideas about plot or world type or anything. Not beyond the anti-hero aspect I mentioned.  So these entries will be highly cliche and derivative of fantasies I’ve enjoyed (Dragonlance and Drizzt Do’Urden to name a couple).

It will be done in broad stokes and who knows how much Mary Sue. But it’s a start to getting ideas down and workable.

Fingers crossed.