Tea & Coffee – #25 – Love the Force


As we met today, I am still a little abuzz. For I saw The Force Awakens on Thursday. And loved it!

Relax, no spoilers. I’m not that big of an arse. Plus Captain Solo himself has spoken against that.

The one thing I will tell you to expect when you see it (you are going to see it, right?) is the giggles are back. Those little moments that were in the first series but seem to be lacking in the second have returned.

Some people have not been as impressed with it, I hear. I can only shake my head at this and feel sorry for them.

I have seen it referred to as a love letter to the original series and I agree. From the opening credits I was that four year old kid again, flying around that galaxy for the first time. There was inner squeeing at the heroics and mouth agape at the dangers.

I might try to squeeze in another viewing of it on Tuesday, or possibly this next weekend, we’ll see. In 3D again of course. I always pick the 3D option at the theatre, since not going to see it that way when buy the DVD.

It was perfect in my eyes and love all the box office records it’s breaking.

It was my present to myself and hard pressed to ask for a better.

Speaking of presents, only one last gift card to buy and done. Got off easy this year, all simple gifts.

And have a book recommendation. Rules for a Knight by Ethan Hawke. Yup, the actor. It’s his third book. A knight writes to his four children and passes on the life lessons taught to him, on the eve of a battle he feels he will not survive. Give it a look.

Well, you’re probably got some last minute things to do, so I’ll let you go. Enjoy the holidays and see you on the other side if you make it. One step closer to the new year.