“A Long time ago, in a galaxy…”

(Insert your favorite quote)

Like so many others, a farm boy had his head in the stars and wanted nothing more than to leave home. And boy did he get his wish.



Luke Skywalker – in search of who he is meant to be.


Princess Leia Organa – in search of freedom for her world and many others.


Han Solo – in search of the next score that will save his neck.


Darth Vader – in search of insuring the domination of the Dark Side.

Personal note:

I saw the first movie in the theatres when I was four. I dare to say it was my first fandom.

The images, the characters, the music are embedded in the minds and psyche of millions of people. 

It is a shared experience and language. It is a home.


The Force Beckons


You must understand, with movies like those of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) with a large fanbase, I will usually wait til after opening weekend to let the true fan boys and girls go first. I know enough of that ‘verse to follow the story but I couldn’t give chapter and verse to many storylines.

But this, this is different. Yes, there is the whole extended canon from the books that I only have a fleeting knowledge of. Which more than likely will not be referenced and I will be able to discover any such instances afterwards.

I was four and a few months when A New Hope came out. My best memory is thinking how big the Senate ship was as it flew over. Then shrinking down in my seat as the Star Destroyer came into view.

The original trilogy was probably my first fandom, before we truly knew of the concept. I dressed as Leia a couple of Halloweens in a row. I had the novelization of The Empire Strikes Back. When I was older I made a crappy attempt at doing a model of the Millennium Falcon.

I bought the DVDs when they came out and winced at some of the changes. (HAN SHOT FIRST!) 

And now we are returning to that world. To an older, wiser Luke, Leia, and Han. To the Falcon soaring once again. And to the Dark Side showing the war is not over.

I had resigned myself to waiting til next week to seeing the movie, due to work. Then a chance catching of a commercial last night let me know that today, on my day off, was opening day.

I cannot tell you the last time I was at the opening weekend of a movie. But the fact that I am able to be at this one gives me no end of delight.

I will buy the big popcorn tonight. I will visit friends I had not thought to see again.

And I will remember how it was – a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.