D & D and Ficcing.

Yup, Dungeons & Dragons. It’s still around and kicking.

I have podcast episodes of three games and always end up wanting to play after listening.  Despite having no one to play with.

I am close to just paying the starter set just to have it. And have the thought to use it to work up a fantasy story, possibly for NaNo this year.

Only problem is I end up going for the bad guy a lot of times. And would probably try to write from his point of view, and not really have him go good.

I suppose I can slide him toward anti-hero. And have him get the girl.

Course the real challenge is the world building. How much to steal from real life, how much to make up. What kind of names to use.

The starter set would be a good jumping off point for that. Be interesting to see what I could accomplish with it.
Give me a focus if nothing else.

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