“Must you use those big words?”


I’ve always liked words.

The way they’re used. The way they sound. Especially in particular instances due to accent or inflection. In song, speech, or written.

I’m not too far gone, just enough to be dangerous and slightly obnoxious to hear some people.

I’ve even confused someone, who thought I wasn’t drunk cause I was able to use a two dollar word correctly.

It’s interesting where the words I use come from. I’ve read some military fiction plus have the typical popular culture knowledge. Some time ago, a friend of mine was put in charge of checking out the RPG blogs of a community we were in and tagging those no longer in play. While we were talking about it, the only word for those blogs I could think of  was ‘decommissioned’, not inactive.

If I hear a word said in an interesting way, I will tend to say or think that word that specific way. To this day, I still hear the word ‘bastard’ said in the English accent of the nurse from the band Queensryche’s album “Operation: Mindcrime”.

I have refrained from sharing memes I liked due to spelling or grammar errors. I cringe at the confusion of ‘they’re, their, and there’ and the misuse of the apostrophe S.

I may have, once or twice, used words as a weapon against people who I knew would not understand the ones used.

And yes, I do have to use those big words. For I have a vocabulary that I know how to use. And I won’t dummy myself down for someone else’s comfort.

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