“Pens and paper.”


I have a bit of a problem.

I am a bit of a collector when it comes to pens and notebooks.

Maybe collector is a bit formal.

I buy them with the intent of using them, and sometimes do. But sometimes don’t want to mark in them.

I tend to buy a new notebook for each new project. And the look and feel tends to relate to the project on some level.

And i get precious about which pens get used for what. One pen is used only for ‘official’ stuff, like rent checks. If I can’t find it and have to use a writing pen, I am not happt. Feeling like I have tainted the pen with such a plebian act.

Yeah, I’m a little nuts.

I see a nice leather bound writing book and yes, there is some swooning that occurs. But I will also buy just the right notebook from the dollar store.

The right notebook puts me in mind of old time writing. Before electrical means. (I have this thing about atmosphere, if you’re new to the blog.)

Or more in the line of an office worker, doing official work with regards to research or ideas.

All about the right tool for the job.

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