When the days run together, any day could be your birthday.

Or none of them.

I know those who pick a day every other moon phase to celebrate.

I don’t pick a day. Every now and then I feel older and I count that as enough of an acknowledgement and move on.

The ones who celebrate call me cheerless. That I am caught in the drudgery and should make the most of life.

I tell them that life is making the most of me and I can’t be bothered.

I don’t mind their celebrations. You’d think they’d return the favor.

But no. They have to ‘share’.

Only reason I learned their days is to avoid being around them. I just pick one of the days and ignore the rest. Only so many times you can have cake you don’t like anyway.

No one likes the reason why we’re this way now. But some of us were already half there.

I would never have wished for it to have started like it did. But I do enjoy the perks.

It will change back, some day. Won’t be the same as before, but people will do their damnedest to try and make it be.

And I’ll have the memories of the empty times to keep me going.

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