Tea & Coffee #22 – Crash and Burn


As we meet, I am a little chagrined..

This year I lost NaNo for the first time in some years. I know there are still a few precious days left, put I have thrown in the towel.

I am not sure exactly what happened. I have a suspicion that my decision to blog it as I went had something to do with it. As well as my lack of clarity as to how faithful to the original I was going to be. And my work schedule didn’t help.Ironically, the Facebook page for my MC received more looks after I realized the lost cause.

But I have not let it be a total defeat. I added a chapter to a long neglected fanfic. And am looking to pay off some fanfic commitments. There is a hint that I will return to my NaNo for another go.

I am choosing not to let this take the wind out of my sails, but to force a rethinking. I am working small for a bit. With my schedule, it seems worth the try.

And I will be at it next year, as well as Camp most likely.

Sometimes you slam the door shut so hard, it makes the window pop open just a bit.

Drink with the others.

Plot Where Once was Pants

Every year it seems I become more of a plotter and less of a pantser.

The first year I tried NaNo, I literally signed up late night of October 31. No idea, no plan. Just decided to see what everyone was talking about.

Now it’sa highlight of the year and I do seem to learn from past years. My writing program of choice is WriteWay. I figure out to use more of the features each time, and more open to other tools.


Saw this over the weekend on one of the forums and will probably use it.  And possibly a beat sheet.

But I do have an eye on keeping some element of chance in my writing. Not like characters usually give you much choice in that.

NaNoWriMo 2015


Another fall and the smell of writing is in the air. Or rather, of plotting.

So, my first idea involved Norman Reddish and his two buds, Sean Patrick Flanery and Andrew Lincoln. It would have been a buddy cop thing with Sean and Andrew going after Norman.

And then, because there’s always an ‘and then’ went it comes to NaNo, The Count of Monte Cristo popped in my head. Set in the Wild West. With Norman as ‘the count’ and still with Sean and Andrew.

How much I end up ripping off from Monsieur Dumas remains to be seen. As well as how I illustrate the process on here.

So here’s to saddling up again for a bumpy ride.