Tea & Coffee #22 – Crash and Burn


As we meet, I am a little chagrined..

This year I lost NaNo for the first time in some years. I know there are still a few precious days left, put I have thrown in the towel.

I am not sure exactly what happened. I have a suspicion that my decision to blog it as I went had something to do with it. As well as my lack of clarity as to how faithful to the original I was going to be. And my work schedule didn’t help.Ironically, the Facebook page for my MC received more looks after I realized the lost cause.

But I have not let it be a total defeat. I added a chapter to a long neglected fanfic. And am looking to pay off some fanfic commitments. There is a hint that I will return to my NaNo for another go.

I am choosing not to let this take the wind out of my sails, but to force a rethinking. I am working small for a bit. With my schedule, it seems worth the try.

And I will be at it next year, as well as Camp most likely.

Sometimes you slam the door shut so hard, it makes the window pop open just a bit.

Drink with the others.

9 thoughts on “Tea & Coffee #22 – Crash and Burn

    1. Yeah, gonna try to mix up during the week, do a project a day. So getting in the habit, but not making one thing a tedious task.

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  1. The important thing about Nanowrimo is writing, not killing yourself in the process. I’ve also thrown in the towel, I could probably power through and finish tomorrow, but I have other equally important things to do. It sounds like you have too, finding a good balance between writing and life is important but hard, I wish you success with your small targets. 🙂


    1. Thank you.

      It was more the breaking of the winning streak, but no use forcing it and then just have that much more to nix later on. Decided still going to work on it once a week and have other things the others day, see where that gets me.


  2. Hello, I’m Susan and new here. Sorry to hear about NaNo, I considered it but just have too many things I am doing right now. Maybe next year. I am just starting to write a book but only have the intro done so far. 🙂


    1. Thank you. And quite understandable. I will be doing it next year and hope things clear for you to as well. Good luck with your book.

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  3. For me, winning was completely avoiding Nano but feeling inspired as everyone talked about working on getting their word limits up and that helped me get started on what I’ve called “The Book Project”…a motivational and philosophical memoir. Even my lower-key book project was in effect knocked out of it’s orbit by a random comet when a severe hailstorm destroyed the roof to the office and my computer has been disassembled for weeks. The network has got some kind of problem and I can’t access the hard drive so my progress on that front has completely stalled. I’d even got so far as starting a series of file cards with details o come back to and that filled up with water and I need to re-do them. Fortunately, I’d only completed about 10 cards so not a huge job.
    Need to get myself back on track but heading towards the end of the school year and Christmas and end of year concert madness, it’s not the time to really get stuck into a huge writing project…just to go into some kind of maintenance mode.
    Thanks for coffee and the chat.
    xx Rowena


    1. Damn, bit of bad luck there. Hope next year is quieter. I can see how useful it would be to just catch some of the energy and not be full in the frenzy. Good luck on your book.

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