tea & coffee #1


If you were having coffee and I was having tea…we would meet at the cafe(doesn’t matter the name, they’re all just ‘the cafe’ to us). In a corner off to the side with our chosen pastries.

It’s the kind of week where I don’t want to think of real life, so we stay in pretend.

How all the Indiana Jones movies have been shown in the past couple of days.

I tell you how I need to get back to doing the Reading Challenge and how my total writing time thus far as been negligible.

About watching Jeeves & Wooster and how I wonder if anyone has live-in help anymore and if I would if I was filthy rich.

How I’m still amazed the names we can manage to get for our local Comicon every year. And my fingers crossed I can go this year. And how it chapes my hide that I will most likely miss going to the Supernatural con coming here of all places.

I wonder if I will start that fake journal I mean to do. Where I am someone else, yet still me. Where I spin out my dreams and fantasies, the closest thing to magic I can do.

A phone call cuts our visit short, but the plan is made to meet again next week.

Started over at Part Time Monster. Find out who else is having coffee.

7 thoughts on “tea & coffee #1

  1. I hope the universe is kind to you and you get to go to the Supernatural con – how cool would that be! We don’t have those kind of events in the UK, but if I were in the US I would totally get my geek on and attend as many as humanly possible!


    1. Sorry so late reading your comment. The universe likes to give me a kick up the backside when I need it and that was one of those times. But overall I am well.

      Mayhap I will go to Supernatural con another time, but alas this time would have been special as it is the day after my birthday. But we shall see.

      Thank you for your comment.

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  2. I love the idea of a fake journal — an entire journal about some alternate persona or what the “if I wasn’t so responsible, and had more time/money” me might do… that would be pretty fun 🙂


    1. Sorry I am late getting back to you.

      I do want to do such a journal. I used to do fanfic role playing back in the day and have been missing it lately so that is probably why the journal is pushing its way to the forefront. Just a question of how much reality to let slip in.

      Thanks for your comment.

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