Tea and Coffee #3


If you were having coffee and I was having tea…

It is late, the cafe is empty except for us.

It has been a crazy day, I had to call my best friend for a lift home due to circumstances beyond my control. And for some reason, my self acquired stutter rose to a prominence and duration never achieved before.

I do try not to smile too broad as I tell you of the lovely lad who kinda flirted with me and whom I kinda flirted back at. It was a very brief encounter.  And I say lad for I do believe he was near half my age ( knocking on 42). You may say he was only being friendly,  as I was in his place of employment and he took my order. But I will have my memory, thank you.

I discovered there exists a convention called SNOWBIRD EXTRAVAGANZA.     It was a curious discovery.

Not much else has happened today. A fan fic started, another is only a plot bunny.

I did buy the Dungeon & Dragons Starter kit.

We’ll see what the future holds.

#WeekendCoffeeShare started at Part Time Monster.

See who else is having coffee.

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