Tea and Coffee #4


I would be not moving when you walked up. Long day yesterday. But rather good.

It was my birthday this week, 42nd. Went around town getting free food and drink. Got well wishes and prettah pics on my Fb feed and texts.

And best of all, the third season of Vikings began.

If you don’t know of the show, by the gods why not? It’s on the History Channel and is a fictional retelling of the life of Ragnar Lothbrok, who lived during the Viking Era in Scandinavia. The acting,  the action, and production are just amazing. Lots of blood, but more towards the realistic.

It’s created by Michael Hirst, who did HBO’s The Tudors and the Elizabeth movies with Cate Blanchett.

It is just the best show. Though many get hung up on historical inaccuracies, I just enjoy it at face value and delight in it. It is particularly fun to one of my religion.

Oh, we haven’t talked about that, have we? We’ll go into specifics another time, but I am a Heathen who follows the Norse gods. You heard of the movie, Thor? Those gods, though obviously not that way.

What else happened?  Not that much else. Trying not to think about how the lads from Supernatural are in town but I have not the wherewithal to see them. But I will have my first fic in the fandom up by day’s end so there’s that.

A bit of personal philosophy I’ve discovered. “Life doesn’t care what kind of day you’re having.” A reassuring thought I find.

This week has been a bit of whirlwind,  it’s nice to just rest a bit.

Oh! And soon my best friend is getting sorted into Pottermore. I’m not sure which she’ll be.

I’m Slytherin meself, thank you very much. Which surprises no one who knows me. In fact, I came out Slytherin in an online quiz I took long before the movies came out and I had no knowledge of the books. You know what you are?

And speaking of geekdom, Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Very nice look.

Oh, and one last thing. Just heard a song this week by Gregg Allman’s boy, Devon. Song just asking for sex to be done to it.

See who else is having coffee.

7 thoughts on “Tea and Coffee #4

  1. 🙂 I’m a Hufflepuff myself, and I think it fits fairly well.

    Happy birthday week! My 31 was this week, too, so I’ve been celebrating as well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy birthday! Ain’t it funny how often the Sorting Hat is right? And it’s just wild how the Houses have spread to other aspects of geekdom. For that alone J.K. is a genius.

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  2. Happy Birthday! I caught the first season of Vikings and LOVED it, but got behind on account of all the blogging and tweeting I do.


    1. Thank you! And you have to pick the show up again if you can. S2 was a whole other level and S3 is shaping up nicely.


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