Tea and Coffee #5


I would still be tired from yesterday but this weather begs to be out in a cafe. Cloudy, wind just a bit of cold. And the quick shower we just had.

There would have to be a raising of the cups for the loss of Leonard Nimoy. For what he gave and inspired.

I have been thinking how much I miss being in RPGs (Role Playing Game) lately. I was part of two major ones some years ago. I think one might still be active but the other folded after a little over a year. I was also a member of three smaller ones round the same time, one of which I created.

One was one Live Journal and the rest on Greatest Journal if remember right. Was a long time ago.

I would stay up til near dawn many a night writing in them. It was a fun time.

That’s probably where that thought to do the fake journal came from. To have that fantasy element outside of the fics. Step into another skin, as it were.

But today is a lazy day. It’s going to be hard to get up out of the chair. Really need to work on that teleportation. Along with the telekinesis.

Here’s the others sharing some coffee this weekend.

7 thoughts on “Tea and Coffee #5

  1. Thanks for the coffee!
    I enjoy the RP games I’m in still (game, I guess there’s really just one). Haven’t done much of the written RP stuff, though I do sometimes do back-and-forth stories with friends using that kind of model. 🙂

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      1. It’s a group I’ve been playing with on-and-off since college (so, over 10 years). It isn’t always the same group, people have come and gone, and we’ve had a few multi-year hiatuses. And it hasn’t always been the same story-line. We started out being able to play in person, but now use some voice-over-internet stuff to connect since we live in three different states (and two different time zones).


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