Tea and Coffee #7

Ah, this has been a different week.

Been pulling beers at local stadium for Spring Training. We’re Cactus League around here. Stadium hosts the Mariners and the Padres.

Spent time with friends this weekend. Springtime ritual with the kindred and lunch with a former co-worker.

I need to edit my Western so can pass it around to the family.

Looks like I’ll be missing The Walking Dead for the second week and missed last week’s Vikings. Working sucks.

Cue lottery winning fantasy. So many books. So many blades.

I’m wiped so I’m going to have to leave early. See you next week?

See who else is sharing coffee here.

7 thoughts on “Tea and Coffee #7

  1. I missed about 3 weeks of The Walking Dead and finally got caught up yesterday, just in time to see the new one. It’s a doozy.


    1. I’ve know bits, cause I usually catch the Talking Dead and find out stuff. I don’t trust Alexandria. They should have camped outside the walls and worked in bit by bit. But then I came out as the Governor

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      1. Yeah, I don’t really trust what’s going on there either, not entirely. I haven’t read the comics, though I want to.

        I hate spoilers, so I avoid The Talking Dead.


      2. They’re rather good at not being spoilery on Talking Dead. The guests don’t let stuff slip and the host has a good relationship with the show.

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      3. In part that is true, but not always the case, as the host pointed out in a recent ep. But they do give those leaving a final send off.


  2. On an online quiz okn what TWD character are you so might have something to do with that.


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