A – Z Challenge: Day 3 – Concentration

Sadly, a minus in my writing is my concentration.

I can come up with the ideas fine. It’s keeping my attention on finishing the fics that is another matter.

I will come across a pic or something that speaks of having a story that needs to come out. About how part of being a writer is the uncontrollable need to share the tales within.

And it makes me wonder. Cause, yeah, I would like people to read my stories. But it’s not a driving desire to the point of distraction. It’s more like, ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’.

So then am I not a writer? Or maybe just a dreamer who can happen to put the visions into words?

When I was RPing, or doing fanfic that I posted on Live Journal or Greatest Journal, I knew I had an audience. There was someone to push me to get the writing done, an obligation to friends that I talked to every night.

So now I must make friends with self-motivation.

Here’s to that journey.


7 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge: Day 3 – Concentration

  1. Cheers! Having readers is definitely a great motivation. I tried blogging on Blogger and heard crickets. It’s the same with Live Journal these days. Here at WordPress, prompts are the best way I’ve found to meet other people who are committed to writing and being read. A-Z is very widespread – try a weekly prompt if not a daily one.
    Not to advertise or to push my blog on you, but I run a prompt under my real name. Type in the tag “SoCS” in your reader to find the latest prompt, if you’re so inclined. There’s a great community there just ripe for the picking.
    Best of luck with your motivation! 😀


  2. I so empathize- I struggle to focus too. But then I so often see people talking about “going off to the writing cave”- um, I’m a home educating mom of a teen and a lifestyle submissive to a dominant who’d exist on Little Cesar’s pizza if I didn’t keep quite unsubby control over His food intake :D. I’m used to writing in the thick of life. Sometimes though, I think we have to decide if we’re writers without leaning on anyone else’s judgment. I’d go crazy if I put too much on the books my fellow author friends without as much on their plates as I have church out books.


  3. I completely understand… I sometimes think that roleplaying is what ruined my motivation. I used to be able to sit at a computer in solitude for hours and write, but now I expect a reaction every couple of paragraphs. I’ve become too impatient!

    Alex Hurst, A Fantasy Author in Kyoto
    A-Z Blogging in April Participant


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