A – Z Challenge: Day 25 – Yes

What I said to trying blogging again.

What I said to this challenge.

What I said to the Villain Blogathon.

What I said to another season of Camp NaNo.

What I will say to other challenges.

What I need to say to publication of my work.

A – Z Challenge: Day 24 – Xcuses

(Yup, here’s the other one.)

Ah, xcuses. I’ve had a few.

Even my ability has been used. I can do that at the last minute and have it work cause I’ve done it in the past.

Xcuses not to write right now. Not to read.

Valid to a point but so overused. Not lacking in credibility, mind you. Just in merit.

Needing of being swept away.

Often easier said than done.

A – Z Challenge: Day 23 – Why

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

Why do I do this?

It is a heady, crazy thing.

Maybe there’s a bit of the megalomania about it. God complex, anyone?

Is it the thrill of it all?

Is it a pathological need?

Genius or madness? Such a thin line after all.

Why do I keep coming back to it? Is it the one thing I am good at? I can’t sing (though I do). I’m marginal at playing an instrument.

But writing?



A – Z Challenge: Day 21 – “Unless”

That’s my word for when that moment of clarity hits me.

It pops out loud most of the time. I’m thinking on a plot point and then, ‘Unless’.

“That won’t work. Unless…”

‘Unless’ means the wheels are turning like they should and things are going to work out.

My magic word.

A – Z Challenge: Day 20 – Time

Ah, the ever elusive precious.

We beg for it, yet can have a tendency to squander it when we do get it.

For me, it is the TV. I hit that clicker and hours are gone.

I use public transportation. You would think that would be the perfect opportunity to write. But no, staring out of the window listening to the radio.

Another thing to learn. I have to guard my time. But more importantly, I have to learn how to utilize it. There are many minutes in the day that could be put toward writing. Or even reading.

My hours are currently erratic, and often I am unable to have something to write on or with. But waking early in the morning (often against my will, I have a dog) can present the chance to accomplish something.

Just need to implement it.

Tick Tock.

A – Z Challenge: Day 19 – Slash

Slash – Taking straight boys and having them play gay.

There is more than one corner of fanfic where this is frowned upon. Places you are not welcomed to tread if you are of this ilk Though we do seem to be growing in numbers. Or maybe just coming out.

On one level I can dig their issue with slash. It is against the reality of the subject matter (which doesn’t seem to extend as much to het couplings, but that’s none of my business).

But, oh the prettah that is to be had.

It’s not for everyone, true. I myself have no interest in femslash.

But the amount of vehemence I have seen directed toward slash in the past is rather funny.

They love me even more when I use the actors instead of just their characters.

A – Z Challenge: Day 18 – Research


I have to say, not a fave of mine.

It’s the work of the work. You can’t just depend on your imagination, you have to be accountable for some measure of truth.

 You have to set the world right so it doesn’t detract from your story.

But deciding what details you even need can be a chore. Back to the job of writing.

But it needs to be done and in a clever manner.

Still, I just…*sigh*.

It feels confining. It’s rules outside my own that I have to follow.

I’ve mentioned it’s work, right?

Not to mention the danger of distraction and side trips and more ideas hitting you.

Probably the one thing if I could pay someone else to do it, it would be this.

And maybe check my spelling.

Or just take dictation as I vocalize my fic.

But yeah, research.


A – Z Challenge: Day 17 – Quotes


Ever notice how many quotes about writers are about our bubbles not being centered?

455421    poe

How we’re just a bit…off compared to most people?


Maybe almost masochistic.


Makes you wonder a little about us.


But in that is also our power to wield our power.


To see what isn’t there but maybe should be.


A – Z Challenge: Day 16 – Pants-ner

Every year I slide a little more from pantser to planner.

I figure out how to use more features on my writing program (WriteWay, if you were curious).

I think more about what the back story is. I dig deeper into the lives of my characters. I start thinking earlier about my story.

But I still leave a lot up to chance and luck. I still leave a lot to the last minute.

Less flying by the seat of my pants and more pulling things out of my arse.

I do not think I will ever swing completely to planner. I hope to use more tricks to get my writing in hand better and to make it easier. But I’ve never been one to make things easy for myself.

And besides, there’s fun in not knowing everything.