A – Z Challenge: Day 7 – Goals


I know earlier (see Concentration I mentioned my lack of drive. That is not a pressing need to have a hard copy of my work exist. But quite frankly it should be. It should leave the realm of ‘wouldn’t it be nice’.

By and large, my family is ignorant of my writing. This is due in large part to the concentration of my writing being fanfic in shows I doubt they have any interest in and the sexual content therein.

But I have decided upon a feasible goal.

One of my NaNos is a Western. It is not dependent on any show and has minimal sexual situations. The perfect vehicle to showcase my talent to them. It will be the first NaNo that will be worked to completion and readied for self publication. And if the only copies that are sold are the ones I buy for them, I am fine with that. But there will be physical proof of my talent.

This WIP is also the first one I have actually printed out and able to hold in my hand. It is one thing to see a hundred + pages on a screen and quite the other to feel its weight.

I hope is that this will be an impetus for me to attack my other WIPs and see them to their end. Then I feel I will legitimately earn the title of ‘author’.

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