A – Z Challenge: Day 12 – Life

Life = Writing.

Writing = Life.

We don’t want to admit at times the truth of these statements. Only to the degree that we are aware of them. But there are times when one creeps into the other on its own. To hold up a mirror we didn’t know was there because we didn’t want to know.

There have been themes in my writing, during certain periods, that appeared and I wasn’t cognizant of them. When my mind was working things out without letting me know.

I can see it now, of course. And I have not revisited those themes since then. The work was done and I moved on.

How much of the writer that shows up in the writing varies of course.

What parts of your life that you glimpse in the words that flow from your pen can be plain or hidden.

When you go to move a reader, sometimes you move yourself more.


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