A – Z Challenge: Day 18 – Research


I have to say, not a fave of mine.

It’s the work of the work. You can’t just depend on your imagination, you have to be accountable for some measure of truth.

 You have to set the world right so it doesn’t detract from your story.

But deciding what details you even need can be a chore. Back to the job of writing.

But it needs to be done and in a clever manner.

Still, I just…*sigh*.

It feels confining. It’s rules outside my own that I have to follow.

I’ve mentioned it’s work, right?

Not to mention the danger of distraction and side trips and more ideas hitting you.

Probably the one thing if I could pay someone else to do it, it would be this.

And maybe check my spelling.

Or just take dictation as I vocalize my fic.

But yeah, research.


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