A – Z Challenge: Day 20 – Time

Ah, the ever elusive precious.

We beg for it, yet can have a tendency to squander it when we do get it.

For me, it is the TV. I hit that clicker and hours are gone.

I use public transportation. You would think that would be the perfect opportunity to write. But no, staring out of the window listening to the radio.

Another thing to learn. I have to guard my time. But more importantly, I have to learn how to utilize it. There are many minutes in the day that could be put toward writing. Or even reading.

My hours are currently erratic, and often I am unable to have something to write on or with. But waking early in the morning (often against my will, I have a dog) can present the chance to accomplish something.

Just need to implement it.

Tick Tock.

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