Tea and Coffee #11


Been a long time, I know. Glad you were able to make it.

Life continues on. Work is work *wrinkles nose* what can ya do?

I have seen Avengers 2 and YAY my name is in it! MCU Canon, baby!

Work not changing, my best friend and I should be going to our local Comicon on Saturday. With any luck I’ll get Chuck Wendig’s autograph.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, not to be confused with Veteran’s Day. In my religion, those who died in battle and were taken to Valhalla are called the Einherjar. (On a side note, that is the only way to get into Valhalla. It is not Heaven. You don’t get in for being a good little Heathen.)

Going to try and do the National Moment of Remembrance tomorrow. Be working so have to see.

My writing practices have not been as I’ve hoped. I have only myself to blame. Old habits and such. Need to change.

I do wish to continue on with how I view life. As an opportunity to experience things. Even if it is only the inside of my own brain. To grow and learn.
(Another side note. That paragraph was written without me knowing what the next word was going to be as I was typing. Little nudge from the brainpan.)

If you know of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, but do not know of the joy that is watching the two of them together, may I offer you this.

A Bit of Fry and Laurie – Concerning Language. Sorry, don’t remember how to embed a video.

The weather has been unseasonably nice for this time of year, chilly at night even.

And I want to raise a cup to my fellow Snakes! Slytherin has won our third House Cup at Pottermore, more than any other House!

I should be going, have to feed the twins (snakes, not humans). I will see you next weekend.

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