Night ramble

Nearly 2 a.m. and still awake.

Sitting on my porch, wishing I could enjoy the dark but my neighbor’s bright as fuck porch light shines right onto my porch and cuts that dream. Can also hear his tv thru his open front window.

I miss the guy who lived there before. Was a shut-in. Hardly any sign he was there, porch light always off. Oh well.

Can hear the train bout two miles down the street. Not just the horn but the wheels too. Even though we’re in the city, always brings to mind visions of big empty countrysides. The train going thru at night and people laying in their beds listening.


Ever notice how much atmosphere plays in things, usually cause of what you’ve read? Like a Starbucks ain’t really like the small cafe tucked away on a quiet street somewhere, but I still go to one and pretend. Cause I’ve read the books and seen the movies that told me what that’s like.

Car just drove thru, couple arguing inside. Loud shout from the guy as they turned off onto the street. Might have to remember that for a story.

Half want to go to some IHOP or Danny’s right now. There’s that atmosphere thing again. Seeing the Night Owls painting in my head.


Heh, might actually be getting tired now. Interesting.

There’s a small breeze. Always say no matter how hot it is, if there’s a breeze I can work with it.

Heading inside, see if can get some sleep. Later.

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