Tea & Coffee, Lucky #13


I feel like I should make up a name to use for you. You know, like how Stephen King uses ‘Constant Reader’? Just not sure what it should be.

Camp-Participant-2015-Twitter-ProfileI decided what I’m going to do for Camp NaNo next month. And for once, I find myself thinking about it every day. I just might get this done. To be vague, it’s going to be a Harry Potter fanfic. Be the first time I’ve done a fanfic for Camp if I remember right. Should prove interesting, might even try to keep it het.

Oh, not sure if told you, but going to cosplay for the first time during Fan Fest in December. It’s put on by the same ones who put on our Comicon. It’s smaller and at a different location. Finally decided to try for the Ninth Doctor.

48b9e0225c6f362b40dd4bf410e394e6The jacket will be the trickiest part but we will see how it goes.

Oh, and speaking of Comicon, the attendance figures came in bit ago.

Comicon attendence 75,501Fingers crossed next year I’ll have more money and more time.

Well, have to cut our meeting short today, but will see you next week. Bye.

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