Tea & Coffee #14


It is Midsummer. Temps to be in the triple digits (only 95 now). And you look again at my hot chai latte. Yup, I’m weird.

Don’t have much time today, meant to but time went sideways somehow.

Camp NaNo is looming. Still deciding details. It’s a Harry Potter fanfic, bit AU. Should be interesting. Might be the first Camp I’ve won in quite the while.

For some reason, I put less emphasis on Camp than on regular NaNo. I guess it feels like more of a lark to me so not as much pressure.

In other news, have you heard of Library Thing? It’s an online site that lets you catalog your personal library. It’s a fun time and this week I saw this from them. Barcode labels. And my little geek-worked-in-the-school-library-unofficially-heart went pitter pat. Yeah, going to be picking some up.

Nothing much else. Could talk about Charleston, but what can you say? It was wrong and most likely will happen again.

But some things continue, in spite of us.


3 thoughts on “Tea & Coffee #14

    1. It is fun. First 200 books is free, then after is ten dollars a year or one time of twenty-five for life. You can totally detail the books and you get recommends

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