Tea & Coffee # 15

coffee-teaSo yesterday was the first real sign that I saw that the monsoon is here. Here in the desert, monsoon is the one time we can expect to get rain. Not that it doesn’t rain during other parts of the year, but this is when we can look for it.

There was a feel of humidity in the air. A light sprinkle for some minutes. Then later in the day a faint sand storm.

Sometimes the rain lasts for minutes, sometimes for hours. But it’s usually hard and heavy when it does. Just an example.

What is even more fun, for me at least, is when a haboob comes thru. Haboobs are dust storms that blow through.

Here’s what they look like at ground level.

And how they look from the air.

Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get some footage of my own to show you.

Wednesday is start of Camp NaNo.

Slytherin Harry PotterSlytherin Ron WeasleyRavenclaw Hermione Granger

Did get to meet a childhood hero of mine. Coach Danny White, formerly the Head Coach of the Arizona Rattlers and led them to their first two Championships (the first Az professional team to win a Championship) and, where I first knew him from, former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. A team is often identified primarily with the quarterback and the coach and for me when I was little, the faces of the Cowboys were Danny White and Coach Tom Landry. I saw him at work, so I didn’t let on that I recognized him or do a geek out like might have elsewhere. But it was definitely cool.

Not much else happened really. Went to a ritual led by my Druid friends at the Irish Cultural Center, had a small part in it. Got to wear my sword so that’s always fun.

And of course, Gay Marriage is now officially just plain old Marriage. Whoo hoo!

2 thoughts on “Tea & Coffee # 15

    1. I think it’s the power behind them for me. Or maybe the fact that, unlike a tidal wave, it’s a force of nature that overtakes you, but you have the best chance of getting thru it.

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