Tea & Coffee #16


And a Happy 4th of July to ya!

And it figures I have work but what can ya do.

Went and saw Magic Mike XXL yesterday. Oh yeah that was a good time. Going to see it again next Sat with some friends. It was funny and of course very prettah. Lots of little nods to stuff in the actors’ lives.

Camp NaNo ain’t going good, but there’s time.

Not much this week. Finally seen an ep of Outlander cause of a sequence I’d heard about. Main female was annoying but couple fellas did very nice.
And kilts and accents always good. Not that a nicely done skirt is anything to sneeze at either.

There’s a few bits of nice scenery at work, but you can’t count on when you’re going to see them. ‘Nice scenery’ is my work code word for pretty lads. They can make a work day go by better.

But that’s true in life in general. Hence, Magic Mike.

2 thoughts on “Tea & Coffee #16

  1. Happy 4th to you too! I have been hearing that Magic Mike is awesome in multiple posts…however, since I’m a guy…i will wait till DVD to watch! Good luck with camp NaNo!


    1. *laughs* know that guys have been spotted at the showings. Just take a girl with you and pretend it’s revenge for an action flick you took her to.


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