Tea & Coffee #18


…you would find me with a book in my hands. Something that has not been in quite the while.

This week I rediscovered the joy of just walking thru the library and seeing what caught my eye. Seeing some old friends, some I had heard of, and new names.

My library used to have their fiction section divided into categories, but some time back they just mashed everything together by author name. So as you walk down an aisle, you can go from romance to regular fiction to western to mystery and so on. I’m still not sure how I like it. I have given thought to whether I would do my personal library like that or keep it in categories. It does make for an interesting look.

When I left the library that day, I had five books crammed in my bag, three in the crock of my arm, and was reading one. Just a shade bit rusty in walking while reading but did alright.

I’m wanting to write reviews for the books, just can’t seem to grasp how to. I know I’m making it a more difficult process than it truly is, but can’t get a handle on it.

I have started learning a little bit of German this week. Been wanting to learn something of a foreign language and German kept popping up over the course of a couple days. Got an app called Memrise that I’m using.

I also went to a BBQ joint on the other side of town with the MBM. The food was good, the staff great but best of all *le sigh* they had the perfect sweet tea. Now most places, when I order the sweet tea, I have to add more sugar to it to get it to how I like it. I’m a bit of a sugar fiend and have near turned people diabetic just by having them watch me add sugar to my tea.

But I took that first sip and found nirvana. MBM knows of my tendancy, but was willing to risk a sip to witness the perfection. When I asked her, for this post, about how long the taste lasted in her mouth, she replied thusly:


But she isn’t let that hurt our friendship, so all is good.

Found out we lost Rowdy Roddy Piper last night. In my religion (and funny enough, a belief of my family, who is not of my religion) we believe when it’s your time to go, you go. No stopping it. So it was his time, but still not fun. He was a one off. If you don’t know, Piper was a professional wrestler and actor. His most famous role was in the movie They Live. And he played the bagpipes.

Read As You Wish by Cary Elwes earlier this week, so of course the next time The Princess Bride plays was last night at midnight and had to watch at least half so now work on four hours sleep. Ugh.

Not much else this week. We’ll see what the next brings.

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