NaNo novel as a journal, and a blog.

So I’ve decided to not only do my NaNo this year as a journal, but to put it on its own blog as well.
Revenge of a Deadman: The Journal of Thomas Carr.

It will be quite the experiment for me, both in the style and in putting such a rough draft out there for public consumption. It does harken back to my RPing days on Livejournal, but with a bit less care taken.

It is also the most planning I have done on a NaNo. The need to pare down the original into something that fits the genre is daunting. I plan on reading the novel on the Wednesday preceding the start of NaNoWriMo to get a whole sense of it before beginning.

I need to flesh out the cast, in the literal case of choosing the actors and in translating them from the original.

But hey, bit over a week and half. Easy as cake, right?

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