Tea & Coffee #20

So how ya doing?

NaNo has started. Did about half today’s quota, posted a couple of entries onto the blog set up for it, then had to monkey with the settings on the posts to get it close to right. And also edited them in the process.

Still fuzzy on a lot of the details and feeling a little anxious about putting work out there with such possibly glaring errors. But have wavered less on this effort than on others in the past, so that’s something.

We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Went to a friend’s Halloween party last night. Had fun. Lots of junk food, and curiously spinach balls. No one was sure who brought them, but we had to wonder why.

See who else is sharing.

2 thoughts on “Tea & Coffee #20

  1. Good luck with Nano. It’s not my thing but almost feel drawn into the web with so many other bloggers doing it. It’s just a huge undertaking at a very busy time of year. It’s also heading into Summer here and I’d much rather indulge in a big writing project in Winter xx Rowena


    1. Do a search for National Blog Post Month. You write a post a day and I believe they offer themes. Not as big a community but might be easier to fit into your schedule.

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