Tea & Coffee #23

If we were meeting for drinks, I would tell you how much I need a hot one. It’s getting cold in these parts and I ain’t liking it one bit.

Give me the Summer and I’m a happy camper.

Work’s been a bear  for some reason. Just been more tired lately. Hopefully not the winter sick coming on. I only get sick when the seasons change, so this cold snap might be what does it.

So near thru my first week of the experiment to do something creative every day. Couple bits to do better but I’m not pushing it this early. Just seeing how it goes.

This weekend is the Fan Fest here in town. It’s a Winter off shoot of our Comicon. So of course I’m working all weekend. And there was some great guests. Oh well, waiting for Summer and Comicon.

Had my first religious discourse with a fella who came up to me at the bus station wanting to testify. Not that it’s the first time one has come up to me, but the first one to ask who my god was and a discussion proceeded from there. Gave me an idea of how to explain my religion, but need to do some  work to better express myself and to have more answers.

Not too much else happening. Oh, going to try again the reading challenge bombed out on this year. The one with 50 categories. And got some friends to try it out as well. Started a Fb group for it. Should be interesting. Another thing to keep track of in my planner. And on Good Reads, another new thing.

See what the others are having this weekend.

8 thoughts on “Tea & Coffee #23

  1. I love summer too. Living in the southern hemisphere our summer is just starting and also living in the tropics our winters never get as cold as yours. For that I am eternally glad as I hate being cold. Discussions where you have to turn your thoughts into narrative is a great way for finding out what you do believe and why you do. Have a good week Veronica.

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    1. Thank you Irene. That has been something I had thought about, explaining my religion to someone cause it’s hard to guess what questions they would ask. It dif provide food for thought.

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  2. Hope that you’re feeling more like your usual self and not actually getting sick–and if you are, hope for a speedy recovery. 🙂

    I really should’ve started counting the books I read in a year, because there’ve been quite a lot; I am always curious about how to count certain things though, like comics versus novels and compilations and such.


    1. It appears I have staved off any ill effects for the moment, so yay. I need to make more time for reading, hence the challenge. I would probably go by a straight volume count. With regards to comics, you could go by graphic novel status, which if I remember right is 6 or 8 issues worth.

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      1. That sounds about right; most of the collections I’m seeing have about 5 issues in a volume, and 5-6 seems to be the general length of a story arc.


  3. Thank you very much for the coffee, Veronica. Wish I could send you some of our sunshine because we;ve had a few heat waves lately, I live just North of Sydney right near the beach. I should point out that I tend to go to the beach before 10.00 or after 5.00 or even 6.00PM this time of year. Otherwise, I’d fry to a crisp.
    I played with my violin ensemble at our end of year concert yesterday. It was held outdoors at a beautiful pecan farm. I packed the sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, water but the trees provided good shade and fortunately no glare. I don’t get anxious about performing but I don’t like to worry about too many variables. Concert went really well and I really enjoyed some of the other performances and found myself transported so visionary realms.
    Thanks for reminding to get back to my reading and keeping a list of the books i’ve read during the new year. Yes, January 1st is just around the corner and with it, the opportunity to be a blank slate all over again and leave all our bad habits behind us in the ashes of the old year. Works for me…at least, in theory!
    Take care and hope you have a good week.
    xx Rowena


    1. Glad your concert was a success. And thank you for the wish to send heat. We are having a bit a warm snap as well, mid 70s for the moment, but the nights are mid 40s. And very glad to help your decision for your reading. Enjoy


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