Tea & Coffee – #24 – Procrastination & Accents


It’s a cool day outside. There’s more of a Fall feel than Winter to the day. A nice day for a cuppa.

The second week of the experiment was less successful than the first. But my body decided to be all out of sorts this week. Nothing major, just weird aches and cold spells. Like it was adjusting itself to something, but I have no idea what. Had the suspicion it’s the onset of the Change. Nearing 43, so reckon it’s a possibility. Or just my body being weird.

I have three books I must read this month or face a fate (for me) worse than death. The Silmarillion, Book of Lost Tales, vol. 1, and A Game of Thrones. Each would probably just take me a day each to get thru if I just sat meself down and read them.

As you’ve probably noticed, procrastination is ever a companion of mine. It’s gotten me bitten in the ass more than once, but mostly it’s just annoying. The true thing is the number of times I’ve been able to pull things out of my ass at the eleventh hour for the save that leads to me not working on the procrastination.

I forget how long they say you have to do a thing before it becomes a habit. But I do know there are aspects to my personality that are there because they were the conscious that became the unconscious. It can be done. Just always easier when you’re not putting the thought into doing it. When it’s not staring you in the face, daring ya.

Part of me wishes I knew another language, but I would also not mind just knowing another accent honestly. That ‘honestly’ is not in the sense of ‘to tell the truth’ but as in ‘come by another accent honestly’. See, my regular speaking voice has been throwing people off my whole life.

At a very age, I had allergy induced earaches that actually cut my hearing by near half for a time before coming back to normal. So, growing up I had people wondering if I was from New York City, though which borough I cannot say.

Then I would get other guesses. New Jersey. One girl asked me if I was Italian from either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, I cannot remember which, cause I talked just like a guy she knew who was.

I’ve also gotten two votes for Austria. One kid went thru a list a couple of months back of German, Italian, Switzerland, and one other. Another girl couldn’t even proper guess and made a wild grab of Arabic but her face said how lacking a choice that was.

I have confused a clerk by asking for quarters and had to over pronounce it before being understood. When I ask at work if they want to use the ‘payroll’ option to pay, some hear ‘eggroll’ or ‘the table’ instead.

And I know I’ve added to how my accent is. If there’s an interesting sound to a word, I’ll say it that way. And if you get told you speak in a way repeatedly (NYC), then you tend to hit those sounds a bit more. And I throw in an occasional foreign word here and there.

And like many others, I will do bad impressions of movie accents. Usually Russian/former Eastern Block and English ones.

But if I could, I would like to try and work on a Yorkshire accent, or neighboring Lancashire. And yeah, mostly cause of two blokes.

From Lancashire comes me Doctor, the Ninth, Christopher Eccleston.

From Yorkshire comes, of course, Sean Bean.

Mind you, if was true ambitious, I might give Sir Patrick Stewart’s old accent a whirl.


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6 thoughts on “Tea & Coffee – #24 – Procrastination & Accents

  1. I love a good accent. I have a pretty strong Southern twang to my voice, and I have a difficult time removing it. My husband can imitate all sorts of accents, though. It’s fun. 🙂

    And I know exactly what you mean about procrastinating and pulling things together in the 11th hour. It’s like a cycle, because the more often I pull things together at the last moment, the more I encourage myself to continue the habit. I’m working on how to handle things now that I don’t really have deadlines, except those that I set for myself, because they don’t motivate me the same way others’ deadlines do. lol


    1. A Southern accent on a good looking boy is a beautiful thing. Top Five. My family’s too far West Texas to have one, but a movie one slips in when I’m trying to get someone to do me a favor.
      Self perpetuating cycles. Gotta love them. So handy and easy.

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      1. haha…My accent is sometimes thicker than others. If I’m talking to my family, for instance, or if I’ve just been in my hometown, it’s thicker than if I haven’t been home in a while. It’s also worse when I’ve been in my cups!


  2. Ah, The Silmarillion. A huge fan of Tolkien, I gobbled up everything of his I could find–even scholarly works written to discuss this great fantasy author–though I was in my teens. So I bought the hardback of The Silmarillion when it was published in 1985 and waded right in. My reading ground to a halt when I realized there weren’t any of the usual characters of Middle Earth that I loved so much, there were only some highfaluting elves and The Enemy. Disappointed, I put the book on the shelf where it rested for THIRTY years.

    I pulled it out again when we moved at the end of last year, determined to give it another try. I’m an adult now, and I reasoned that maybe my experience would be different. Alas, I didn’t do much better this go around. I only got as far as the first mention of the Dúnedain before other books on my table drew me away. I think that Gandalf appears in there somewhere, but I have not been able to find him. I hope I have not dissuaded you; some people call this book their favorite of all of Tolkien’s works. Perhaps it will go better for you. And maybe the third try will be the charm for me.


    1. Heh understandable. Lot of information. I didn’t make it to the Dunedain first time around, but knew Galadriel is there. I’ve just been letting the words roll over me and not try too hard to keep track of things. Already expecting it to take a few times to get it.


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