Tea & Coffee #30


So, enjoying the bit of a warm snap we’re having here in the Valley? Today is the last of it I believe. Cold weather back tomorrow or next.

Hope things are well enough with you.

Not too much of note this week. I did finish a promised fan fic for a friend of mine. Need a few more to do yet.

Working a bit on my Camp NaNo, just getting ideas worked out. A fanfic based off Harry Potter. Changing major canon stuff, so have to figure out why they’re different in a believable way. I even ordered cheapie extra copies of the first two books to deface with notes to make it easier. It’s going to be for the July session, so have a bit of time. And I resigned up for Pottermore and got my House and wand locked down. I wanted to redo my wand but my phone was being stupid so just kept my old one. Never changing my House, of course. And I kinda like the name of the North America magic school, Ilvermorny.

I did sign up for the A-Z Challenge this week. My second year. I know my topic, just working on the angle for the letters.
Working this weekend, always fun. But then it means I get next weekend off. Which means Sunday free for The Super Bowl. And also means Saturday free to go to the Chocolate Affaire downtown. We have it every year. Vendors, live music, food. And scads of chocolates. Even get ferried to the chocolate factory down the way. Always a nice and chocolatey time.

I’ll probably be getting a new phone next month. They switched networks some while back and thinking that’s why reception’s been crappy for me. Least I hope that is. Don’t have one in mind, need to look around some.

Been a rather quiet week of just working and not much else. So leave you with a little music for today.

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