February prompt – Mesh

We never really did, did we? I’m not sure why we tried, to be honest.

Sure it would have gotten us the money, and the house. But for as long as it would taken us to be together before we could step out with other people, was it worth it?

Not that it matters now. While the ‘departing gift’ was all well and good, I suppose, it was sweetened by gaining my freedom from you.

Oh, I don’t wish you ill. I don’t give enough of a damn for you to bother with that. And since I know you feel the same, you’ll realize I’m leaving town more to get away from your friends than from you.

In fact, to keep them from thinking they have news for you, here’s a picture of your replacement. Much more my type, even you would have to admit.

So, as they say, it’s been real.

Real what is up to interpretation.

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